About us

We Have More Than 50 Years Of Experience

Established for supplying Henna powder to customers around the world, TAKIV is a professional Iranian company that now meets the demands of global market of Henna.

Who We Are

We are an Iranian team specialized in producing and trading Henna. At TAKIV, we unlock the power of nature to provide access to high quality Henna worldwide. We are working to create fair and sustainable value for our partner companies.

Our Mission: TAKIV company envisages to increase its Market Share in International Trade by empowering its existing Human Capital as well as recruiting Competent and Talented associates.

Our Vision: To be the most successful and respected Henna supplier in the world.

Our Convictions: What nature has to offer is our privilege to use, and we believe that we have a responsibility to use it with great respect, in fairness to all and toward a sustainable tomorrow.

Our Strategy: We are moving beyond our role as Henna trader, to become the value chain. We are embracing more of the Henna value chain and moving toward greater integration from Henna farmers to customers, both as part of our long-term strategy and as a means to ensure traceable products that are responsibly sourced.

Code Of Conduct: TAKIV has long maintained a Code of Conduct to help our company achieve the right results, the right way. The Code establishes high standards of honesty and integrity for all TAKIV team and business partners, and sets forth specific policies to help ensure that our company conducts business fairly and ethically at all times. Integrity, discipline, innovation, meritocracy and inclusion. These values enable us to create an environment of Trust of doing business with all our business partners and customers.

  •  Integrity: We adhere to the highest ethical standards. we accept full responsibility for out decisions and we stand by our commitments.
  • Discipline: We approach challenges with discpline and determination. we devote ourselves to understanding market fundamentals thoroughly.
  • Innovation: We promote intellectual curiosity and an entrepreneurial environment. we challenge the status quo in the pursuit of new ideas that drive long-term performance.
  • Meritocracy: We empower our employees to think and act like owners and we create opportunities for our employees to advance based on merit.
  • Inclusion: We embrace diverse perspectives and backgrounds, and benefit from a collbrative team-based environment.