At TAKIV, we know that the health of our natural resources is critical to our future, and that our commitments to sustainable practices will result in a stronger company and a better world. We are proud to be the go-to sustainable sourcing partner for our customers, and more widely, we are committed to driving change through good practices, progressive solutions and mindful actions that make a positive impact.

Caring for people: Committed to protecting and investing in our people, who are crucial to our business. It’s our priority to ensure their safety, wellbeing and continued development, by promoting a work environment that encourages safe behaviors, respect for diversity and human rights, and equal opportunities to learn and grow. We train our human resources in sustainable practices to help them improve their life for long-term growth.

Protecting The Environment: We are respecting our planet’s finite natural resources. To minimize the environmental impact of our activities, we continually monitor the way we operate to identify gaps, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement along the value chain

Working With Partners: We recognize that we can have a greater impact by working with others.

Responsible Sourcing: We work to provide quality-assured LPG that meet requirements and industry standards, across the whole supply chain. We want the products we supply to customers to be of the right quality, and safe for people and for the environment – in line with evolving rules and standards. Our approach helps to achieve this.

Ethics: One of the remarkable characteristics of TAKIV is its firm belief in Business Ethics, and our team activities are based on moral values that include Respect, Truth, Obligation and Responsibility Therefore we work with our customers, co-workers and competitors in a truly and reliable aspect. At TAKIV we have committed ourselves to a shared set of values that are binding on all members of our team. Everything we do is based on our corporate values: Courage, Achievements, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Transparency. These values enable us to create an environment of Trust of doing business with all our business partners and clients.