What we do

Our Value Chain

Guided By Our Purpose

We are building on our expertise and experience of almost 50 years in the agribusiness sector and moving beyond the traditional sourcing, transport and delivery of raw Henna.

What We Do

We Originate & Produce

We share our expertise with farmers, ourselves or with business partners and expert organizations, as part of our commitment to responsible, sustainable and traceable supply chains

  • Our trusted suppliers – some of whom have worked with us for over half a century – grow the Hennas we buy, responsibly and with care
  • We manage the Henna farms we own according to high standards of sustainable practices
  • Through these efforts, we strive to deliver the finest qualityHenna to customers globally – products they can trust

We Process & Refine

Once harvested, we bring Hennas to our assets for the next stage in their journey. They are ethically and sustainably processed and refined, coming one step closer to the Customers.

We Store & Transport

Our warehouse enable us to control costs and mitigate risk throughout the product journey.

We Research & Merchandize

Our depth of marketing and merchandizing experience is our greatest strength. 

  • We have almost 50 years of industry knowledge and expertise
  • We research every aspect of our products and value chains